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There's so much negativity in the world that I had to give space to a voice to push some of it back out of the atmosphere, and this is where I decided to start THE UP SIDE. A place where people can tell their stories. A place where we give permission to people to be transparent and take off the masks. A place where we can discuss real issues - some of them painful, some of them difficult; but in the end the goal is always to let people know they are not alone in whatever they may be facing.


No matter how great your pain or how big your mountain may seem there is hope on the other side of it. So keep looking up. On the other side of all this is THE UP SIDE.

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Dayton, Ohio has earned the unwelcome title of "overdose capital of America". Per capita, our city has more deaths from overdoses than any city in the nation.

My guests Trina House and Thor Scott share two different perspectives of their experience with addiction. Trina talks about the struggles of loving someone with an addiction, and how it led to the tragic loss of her 25-year-old son.


Thor discusses the deep loneliness caused from 30 years of addiction that resulted in 11 visits to prison from drug-related charges.

To listen click here:

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