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Speaking Engagements

"In a time when many are in search of quick and easy answers, Julie has acquired a wealth of wisdom by refusing to give up. She writes stories that paint pictures to its readers, and shares adventures of perseverance that address all areas of life.


She’s a single mother who challenges men to love their children, be faithful to their families and value character and integrity in decision making. I recommend Julie Busby to audiences who are searching for truth, challenge and adventure. She will not disappoint listeners."


                                                                       – Duche Bradley, National Speaker,  Founder of Changed Men Change Men

"I was amazed how well Julie was able to connect with the students. Through story-telling and spoken word she was able to engage even some of the most disruptive and behaviorally challenged students with a powerful and much needed message. She was well worth the invite!"


      - Mrs. Nancy Rutter, North Dayton School of Discovery

Team Epic, our Running Free Group at Lebanon Correctional Institution receiving copies of "Running with Tears".

“Julie's dedication and passion to the inmates in the Lebanon Correctional Institution Malachi program over the past several years has proven her dedication and commitment to turning their lives around.”     



“Being part of the Running Free and Malachi programs has really given me more growth and knowledge of self and what I’m capable of. I’m truly realizing my gifts, talents and purpose in life. Ms. Julie teaches you the worth and value we have as inmates.  The love, compassion, care, support and kindness she showers us men with is amazing. She has truly restored my faith in humanity.”          


- Warden Tom Schweitzer, Ohio

- Will

“Julie is a pearl, a warrior, an angel sent by God to love you, believe in you and to help you become God’s best….Never take her for granted. I go all over the world and don’t see the kind of dedication as she has for you men.”  


- Darcy Hoffman, Entrepreneur, Speaker and Author of "Success Habits that Work"







Women's East Coast Empowerment Summit

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