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The Fight for America & My First Trump Rally

This past weekend I attended my first Trump rally. I've never considered myself a so-called Patriot or what some refer to as "Trumpers". In fact, during the primaries for the Presidential election in 2016 I was not planning to vote for him, that was until I received a call the night before the election from a family member who changed my mind.

However, even after casting my ballot for Donald J. Trump, it was more about who I was voting against versus who I was voting for. But in the last four years all that has changed.

I see a man who actually has the courage to defy the control of the two-party establishments. And there are those who hate him for breaking status quo.

In my early 20's I voted "R" straight down the line based on family tradition, much like many voters do on both sides of the political aisle. If you asked me if I was Republican or Democrat I would have answered "Republican" without hesitation.

But as time went on I realized voting this way was not a responsible way to vote. So, I began doing research on all the candidates prior to the election, finding out how they voted on policies, and even going so far as to contact them personally and find out where they stood on different issues.

Any politician can say what they will do in office, but the best way to predict what a politician will do is to look at what they have done in the past. If a politician tells you they won't raise your taxes, but you go back and look to see that they voted the last 10 years to raise taxes, and you believe what they say versus what they have done....well, let's just say they may be a liar, but you are the fool.

So, while I still ended up voting mostly for Republicans, there were a few times I voted for Democrat candidates because of their stance on certain issues. And this is how it's supposed to be. We should be voting for the candidate based on their leadership capabilities and where they stand on issues of concern, and not just because they have an R or D before their name.

And even though to this day I vote mostly Republican, (simply because the Democrats rarely give me a candidate I can vote on, based on issues that are most important to me such as life, the sanctity of marriage, freedom of speech and religion and relations with Israel) I now no longer call myself a Republican.

I have been saying for years that unless we can do a cleaning of house, we need a new party that is truly for the people. My real disillusionment with the Republican Party came when I got a close-up view of the cowardice, complacency and "business as usual" mindset from Republicans who campaigned on promises, but behind doors they were more concerned with their job, being in the "in crowd", and public opinion than standing for what is right.

In fact, it was downright sickening to me, and was the reason I no longer identified as a Republican but an Independant voter.

Back in 2009 I had been asked to serve as a Board Member on Ohio Right to Life (ORL). Shortly after this, I received an angry letter from a woman asking us board members why we were opposing the "Heartbeat Bill". I had never heard of it, and wondered why she thought us board members opposed it.

So, I called a friend of mine who was very politically active to find out about the bill. She informed me that the Heartbeat Bill was a bill that would make it illegal to abort unborn children once their heartbeat is detected, and it was the most pro-life bill in the nation. Well, this certainly wasn't a bill I was opposed to, so I called the woman to explain to her that I had just heard about the bill and I was in full support of it.

She then told me that our Executive Director at the time, Mike Gonidakis, was opposed to it. I couldn't fathom why our Executive Director would be opposed to the most pro-life bill in the nation.

This is where the real eye opener began and I realized there are wolves in sheep's clothing, and he certainly was one of them. At first, I was welcomed into ORL when they thought I was just some pawn they could easily manipulate into voting step in line with their political agenda. However, all that changed when I dared to defy the Executive Director's stance on this bill.

It was also an eye-opener to see how easily people are manipulated into following, just to fit in the crowd, even when they know it's wrong. I sat through meetings being the lone voice speaking in support of the bill, with board members pointing their finger at me telling me, "You need to be loyal to this organization."

To which I responded, "I'm not loyal to organizations or parties. I'm loyal to principles because parties and organizations are only as good as the people in them, and when they become corrupt, the organizations and parties become corrupt as well."

When I testified before the Senate and wrote a personal letter to all the Senators stating my public support for this bill, I received a call from the Chairman telling me I had embarrased Gonidakis and they wanted me to write a letter to all the Senators rescinding my statement.

"Why would I rescind something I support? Not going to happen. And if he's embarrassed, it's because he embarrassed himself," I said.

"Then you'll need to resign," he said.

They had already removed two other board members from the group who supported the bill. Now they were trying to remove me.

"I'm not resigning and if God wants me on this board, you won't be able to get me off," I said.

I finished out the rest of my term without anyone ever kicking me off and I'm happy to say after a long fought battle of nine years the Heartbeat Bill finally passed. However, over this time I would witness the cowardiceness, the political favors and pettiness of politicians in the Republican Party, who were supposedly pro-life, but yet delayed, obstructed and found every excuse in the book not to vote on the most pro-life bill in the nation.

But in spite of these RINO's (Republicans in Name Only) there were those in the Republican Party who stood strong and fought hard to save children's lives, such as Representative Ron Hood, Representative Christina Hagan, Senator Kristina Roegner, and even Democrat Representative Bill Patmon. However, there were those like Republican Senator Bill Beagle who betrayed his constituents by flipping his vote at the last minute, which caused the bill to fail by one vote.

And Gonidakis, the man who fought harder than NARAL and Planned Parenthood, to defeat the most pro-life bill in the nation, would later be appointed to the Ohio State Medical Board by Republican Gov. Kasich, who ended up vetoing the Heartbeat Bill.

During another closed meeting with a supposedly pro-life Republican Senator who was withholding support from the bill, there was a heated exchange of words from her aimed at the leader of the bill, in regards to the fact that she had previously ran against her seat.

It now became apparent to us that her resistance to the Heartbeat Bill wasn't about the legislation, but more about a personal vendetta she had towards the person heading it up. I walked away from that meeting floored. This bill would save 20,000 lives a year, and yet here sat a woman who had the power to stop the killing, and yet she was withholding her support because she was mad about the fact that the leader of the bill had challenged her seat.

It was the epitomy of pettiness and narcissism.

Any shred of loyalty I had to political parties was gone. I would strictly vote for candidates on principles. A party was only as good as the principles that candidate was willing to stand for, which brings me to Donald Trump.

Like I said, in the beginning I wasn't a Trump supporter, but after four years of non-stop attacks against this man, I went from being a non-supporter, to being indifferent towards him to now being a staunch supporter of this man.

It has been one attack after another. First it was the Russian collusion allegations. Then when that didn't work it was the impeachment. And when that didn't work the Far-Left decided to try and steal the election.

Anyone who would suggest there hasn't been voter fraud either hasn't been paying attention or simply doesn't care that the Democratic Party has become corrupt at the core. Many Americans across the country have watched videos of ballot workers covering windows so Republicans couldn't see the ballots being counted; of Republicans being blocked from coming into the building; to Democrats telling people to "destroy Trump ballots"; to reports of vans pulling up in the middle of the night full of mysterious ballots; to ballots being filled in by poll workers and even copies being made of ballots.

This isn't just a single report of fraud. There are thousands of reports detailing major, blatant fraud. How is it that states and counties where Trump was winning just stopped counting ballots the night of the election, and then suddenly in the middle of the night, thousands upon thousands of Biden ballots are found that turn the election in his favor?

The only people who can believe this to be true are people who are turning a blind eye, or those who are in collusion with the most corrupt election in American history!

So, when people make the misstatement that those on the right are a bunch of racist, redneck white people who are all idolizing Trump, they've either never attended a Trump rally or never taken the time to have a conversation with those who support his leadership.

Over the weekend I met a diverse group of people who believe we are in the fight of our lives for this country; a fight against democracy and communism - a fight against good versus evil.

There were blacks and whites alongside many who had immigrated from other countries to come to America for a better life. I met and listened to people who immigrated from China, Cambodia, Puerto Rico, Mexico, South Korea, and Vietnam. I found some of the most ardent and outspoken supporters of Trump came from those who had escaped communist countries.

There were people all over the rally from China standing with signs that said "Eliminate the Demon CCP (Chinese Communist Party)" and handing out issues of the Epoch Times. I listened to a woman who was there supporting Trump explain that her parents had experienced communism under China and she said she felt she had to get involved after realizing that the CHAZ autonomous zone in Seattle was communism trying to makes it way into America.

There was a strong presence of Vietnamese-Americans there supporting Trump. One woman named Lulu was there shouting "U.S.A.". She came to the U.S. from Vietnam. When she was a child her father escaped the country by boat. There were 50 people on the boat he escaped on, and they thought they were going to die when they ran out of food and water while out at sea. Luckily, they were rescued by a German ship and her father finally made his way to America, where the rest of the family was finally able to escape.

She was adamently against Biden. "During the Vietnam War the south was fighting against the Communist north. When Biden was Senator he voted against the funding to support South Vietnam, which caused the south to lose. Then when people tried to escape after the Communists took over, Biden said we were not his problem."

Mr. Nguyen, a Vietnamese immigrant from Seattle, also escaped to America with his family as a child. Stranded out at sea he said his father believed it was better to die trying to escape than live under the tyrrant rule of Communism. This is the reason he said, "There are more Vietnamese-Americans who support Trump than any other Asian group because we know what Communism is. We get it!"

Another young Vietnamese immigrant, Lindsey, was there speaking about a movement she had started to fight back against the global tyranny encroaching on our freedoms in America. "I've had on the same outfit for the last two days," she said. "Do you want to know why? Because Frontier Airlines kicked us off their flight."

Wearing her Trump hat she explained how she had been sitting on the plane eating an apple when the flight attendant came over to her and said, "No more snacks. You eat and then put up your mask." He wanted her to put her mask on in between bites. When she refused to bow down to his ridiculous mandates they ordered her and her friend off the plane and then called the police.

"Do you see the craziness? I can't even eat an apple on the plane!" She said they had to pay an additional $600 to get on another flight.

"I am pissed!" she said. "We are having a huge problem right now with human rights."

As a result she has started a movement called "The Black Sheep Global". It is a movement to push back against the tyranny taking over by big tech, big pharma, big corp and mass media.

An African-American woman, Lauren, who was there supporting Trump said, "This isn't about Republican versus Democrat. It is way bigger than that." Another man at the rally, Eliav, whose parents immigrated from Mexico, said, "I used to identify as Mexican-American, but then I realized, no...I am American. I was born here and to say that doesn't take away or mean I am ashamed of my Mexican heritage."

Ali-Alexander, an African-American man who is the National Organizer of #StopTheSteal and one of the speakers of the event sent a warning to the Republican Party. "Look at this crowd. We are the people you must represent or we are going to replace you with patriots."

(Ali Alexander speaking at #StopTheSteal Rally in D.C.)

Cheers from the crowd erupted.

Democratic Represantitive Vernon Jones who previously said the "Democratic Party does not want black people to leave their mental plantation" and that he was "leaving the plantation and speaking up for free-thinking African-Americans", was also there speaking in support of Trump and the #StopTheSteal movement.

Sentiments such as Alexander's and Jones' are common among Trump supporters. They feel frustrated and angry about politicians on the Left who are hell bent on taking away our religious rights and freedom of speech, and politicians on the Right who are too cowardly or sold out to political bribes to do anything to stop it.

And this is why they support Trump. They see a man who can't be bought by a political party on the Left or the Right. And that is why the establishment politicians, big-tech globalists and Soros controlled media (aka as Most Effective Devil in America) hate him.

They are coming at him from all directions. It's a David vesus Goliath situation. And for those whose eyes and ears are open, they are wise enough to discern that their hatred isn't just about a man, but what he represents - and those are his principles.

Is he a perfect man? No. But please let the first perfect man or woman step to the stage.

Can he be arrogant? Yes. And quite frankly, that is one of the reasons I didn't initially plan to vote for him, along with the fact that I thought another candidate would be more suitable. But after watching this man be incessantly attacked, I've come to realize he was exactly the man for the job.

I don't believe any other candidate could have withstood under this kind of vehement attack and pressure. It takes someone with some arrogance to push back against the propogandized media and blinding bias, such as those like the CNN reporters standing in front of burning buildings with the caption "peaceful protests".

Trump has given a voice to those who have felt powerless against big government, media, pharma and tech, and they are happy to finally have someone who truly supports America and its people.

They see someone who is a true leader, and not a sold-out, traiterous politician who is going to sell them out to the highest bidder.

And this is where the so-called Trump "hysteria" or hype comes into play. It's not so much about a man, but what he stands for - giving us our voices, rights and freedom back.

Americans are tired of being bullied and taught to hate our country by the Left, and being betrayed and abandoned by the Right. Our country, like most all of us, have a past where we've made mistakes and we're in need of grace and forgiveness; but just because America has a grievous past doesn't mean she should be dismantled.

I don't make light of the abuses of America's past treatment of the Native-Americans or the treacherous evil of slavery to blacks, nor the genocide of over 61 million children aborted in our country. Indeed, we are due judgment by God.

But something I've learned in spending over seven years working with men in prison and dealing with men who have committed some of the most heinous crimes is this.....there's no situation or person beyond God's redemption.

I have seen good and redemptive value in men who have committed some of the most violent crimes. It's there. It exists. It just needs nurtured.

The same is true for America. The good is there. It exists. It just needs nurtured. Will it be easy? No. I believe there's a lot of work that needs done to bring healing, reform and redemption to our nation.

We need healing in race relations. We need police reform. We need an overhaul in our justice system. We need a house cleaning in our government. We need a dismantling of the anti-God and anti-American indoctrination that has permeated our public education system and universities, and we need the foundation of the family rebuilt.

Yes, it is a lot of work, but not impossible.

There are still good people in America who love this country, and are willing to fight for it, and I met many of them from all nationalities and walks of life at this rally. And there are many more who support Trump and what he stands for, but unfortunately due to some of the extreme hatred, media bias and backlash towards Trump supporters, they are either afraid to voice their support or completely silenced by the mainstream media.

The mainstream media will never show you these stories of minorities and immigrants supporting Trump because it messes up their narrative of Trump racism. They want division. Divide and conquer. A master mind of Communism.

They will never share the stories with you like the one I listened to of a man who came to America from Iraq. During an Uber ride he told me was a Trump supporter. "Saddam Hussein murdered my father," he said. "My mother is living in Jordan right now. We're trying to get her to the U.S."

According to the media, the whole world hates Trump, but I've talked to Africans from Nigeria who said that many in their country support our President. In fact, one man (I'll leave his identity private) said when Trump was elected in 2016 Nigerians began celebrating in the streets. As a result, due to corruption in their government, no less than 50 Nigerians were gunned down just for celebrating his victory.

I've also talked to people from India who are praying for Trump and our nation. In fact, there are people all over the world praying and rooting for America's fight against Communism. So the mainstream media can keep pushing their propoganda and "racism" narrative, but more and more immigrants and minorities are speaking up and making their voices heard. Once such voice is from a man who goes by the name Kash Lee Kelly. He's an ex-gang member from Chicago who's video went viral.

"Yeah, Black Lives Matter, but when do they matter to us?.....We don't care about our own lives, so how the hell we gonna expect the system to care about it? How the hell we gonna expect them to want to change anything when we out here killing each other?" he said.

(Ex-Gang Member Speaks - When Do Black Lives Matter?)

(From Kash Lee Kelly's Facebook page.)

His words have resonated with many, which is why he's now getting invitations to speak nationally and internationally. Here's one such video in an interview with Michael Petro in which Kash says, "He's (Trump) doing the most for the country. He's doing the most for the people."

(The Voice of Healing Radio Ep. 9 - Kash Lee Kelly: Bringing Healing to the Divide | Part 1)

As Kash mentions in this interview, his goal is to help unite this country, which is something we can all agree is necessary. And as I watched people from all walks of life come together to fight for our country and our freedom, I believe it is possible.

We Americans support you Trump.

"Give us liberty or give us death." - Patrick Henry

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