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The Days are Numbered - Heed the Word of the Lord

On August 29, 2009 I had an encounter with the Holy Spirit that forever changed my life. On this night He gave me a number of prophetic words along with the word below that I am about to share. Until now I have not shared this word publicly except for a few close friends. However, after a word that was released this weekend by a Pastor I met who is on assignment here in America from Africa, I felt I needed to release this word.

One of the things that the Lord spoke to me about was that there would be people that would come from all over the world to the Dayton, Ohio region to worship because of the signs, miracles and wonders that would occur. Two days after I had this encounter and received these words from the Holy Spirit I was drug from my home, handcuffed and thrown into a psych ward where my life was threatened and I was told I would never get out. (You can read more about my story in my book, "Running with Tears: Turning Your Pain into Passion". )

A couple years later I was at a coffee shop when I overheard a man tell someone that he and his wife moved from Rwanda to Dayton, Ohio because the Lord told them to come here. I quickly became friends with him and his family as we both felt the Lord had connected us for a greater purpose. Since then I have met a number of people from different parts of the country and world who have said the Lord told them to come to Dayton.

Yesterday my friend from Rwanda, Pastor Laurent Muvunyi, opened a church to further this purpose. (Living Hope Church in Centerville, Ohio) One of the Pastors he invited to speak was Joseph Rwemera who is originally from the Congo. He shared that when he was very young it was prophesied to him that he would go to a far away land to start revival.

He is now pastoring a church in the D.C. area and is on fire for God. His message to the church today was that God is calling His people to sharpen their battle ax in order to prepare to war against the kingdom of darkness and bring revival to America. He shared with the mostly African congregation that many years ago America sent missionaries to Africa, but now with the decline of Christianity in America, God is sending them as missionaries from Africa to America.

I know this to be true as I have met a number of other people who are saying the same thing. I have another friend, Robert, from Uganda who said when he was a little boy the Lord spoke to him and told him he would be a part of revival in America. He is now here in the States in position for his purpose.

So, after this meeting this weekend with my good friends from Africa and his word to sharpen our battle ax from Jeremiah 51:20, "Thou art my battle axe and weapons of war; for with thee will I break into pieces the nations, and with thee I will destroy kingdoms", I felt it was time to release this word. I will share more about some of the other words the Lord gave me in my upcoming blogs.

The word that I am sharing here is exactly how the Holy Spirit gave it to me. I know it is a word from the Lord. So please heed the word and share it with those that need to hear it:

David didn’t care what people thought of him. He danced in the streets and some people thought he was undignified. He didn’t care what others thought of him. He was more concerned in praising the King. When God sets your heart on fire you don’t care what people think of you. It’s time to stop being politically correct. It’s time to stop worrying more about what others will think of you if you talk about God. Stop your foolish political correctness.

I have the power to judge your eternal soul. All of this here is going to fade. Proclaim my name from the mountaintops. Be undignified in your praise for me. I am looking for people who will give me everything. People who want my presence more than anything in this world.

If you will seek me you will find me. I am truth. I am your source of provision. Stop depending on others to provide for you. Where is your faith? I want you to step out where there is no evidence of what I’m about to show you and what I want you to do. Step out in faith as Peter did on the water.

If you have faith like this I will use your life for great things and to bring people to me, but you must not worry about your daily things and you must be obedient to my call when I call you. Stop worrying about what others will think of you. Why are you so worried about what they think? Do you not want to use your life for greatness to further my Kingdom? That is why you are here. That is why I created you, to worship me. I love your unabashed praises.

I am crying out for those who will praise me and worship me like this. That is what you were made for. But where are you in your big churches that you have not made for me? Do you seek me wholeheartedly when you come to my house? No, you come to see and be seen. You come to get blessings and yet you refuse to do what I tell you. You ignore the moral depravity rotting your children. You would rather entertain yourselves then stop the innocent bloodshed that goes on behind closed doors.

I am seeking those who would stand in the gap – to say no more will I be silent. Whatever persecution and mocking comes my way I will go forward and proclaim your name in the streets to whoever will listen. There will be those who listen – not those who are obvious – and there will be those who should listen, but they have turned their ears and eyes away from truth. They no longer search for me, but their meaningless and fruitless pursuits which are rotting away every day as they get closer and closer to their last breath. Judgment is waiting.

I am coming back. Tell everyone you know the days are numbered.

Spend every waking moment praising me and telling people about me. Do you not see? It’s coming to an end. Time is running out. You don’t have time to prepare. Do it now. These uneducated, evil, fools keep feeding you lies but you don’t pause for a second to question their lies. If you were seeking me you would know that is not my voice. Those who seek my voice know it when they hear it.

I am telling you to go now. Don’t go back to get anything – those things are fading and will be devoured because of your evil. I will take everything from you so that the only thing you have is to cling to me. I will give you one last chance to fall on your knees and repent and praise me and seek me and to be saved.

Hell is real and people are going there every day. It is forever. It is an eternity. This life is a vapor and it is passing. There is no time to waste you are playing with mortal souls. The price you will pay will be high, but there is no greater cost than to give everything you have for me. And you will be rewarded greatly when I see you in heaven.

Your presence is like a fire in my belly. Nothing can contain it. It’s about to explode. Your presence is overwhelming. Who can contain your presence in this earthly body? There is not enough capacity in our human form to contain the power of you, but you give me a spark and it has turned into a never-ending flame. My flame cannot be put out by man because it was given to me by you. Who can quench this thirst in me? No one but you. I will spend the last of my days seeking your wonderful presence and going where you tell me to go. I am your humble servant, do with me as you will.

No one can stop what I have given you. I have given you a word that many seek but never find. I have given this to you for a specific purpose because you truly seek to do my will and you have been obedient when Satan has attacked your body and your mind. You kept coming to me when the voices became loud and you felt justified to turn from me. But you followed me when you didn’t know where I was taking you.

Evil forces have been on your back to try and stop this destiny I have for you, but you were obedient. You came to me for help. I heard your desperate pleas for help when no one else did. I heard your quiet prayers. I heard your praise when you were alone. Your true unadulterated praise of me when no one was looking. There was no one there to see you. You did it for me and I love it when you praise me like this. Feel the sweet presence of my soul. Soak it up. That’s why I’m here.

When others quit when the road got rough you kept going because you sought my will and my destiny for your life more than anything. You knew the attacks that have come against your life and so you kept listening to that still, quiet voice that many don’t hear because they are too busy and they constantly clutter up their minds with useless information and ramblings of the enemy.

But you kept holding onto that voice even when the evil voices came to steal the word that I gave you. You held onto it. You knew my voice and you didn’t give up. The spiritual attacks in your mind have been stronger than ever before that’s because Satan does not want what is about to happen with your life. He comes to kill, steal and destroy. There is power in my word. There is power in worshiping me. You usher in my presence and I give you strength to stand when the attacks seem like it’s too much. But, if you come to me rather than looking for a release in all these meaningless pursuits, then I will continue to guide you.

I test my servants before sending them out. They must pass the test. You were so close to giving up but your spirit cried out to me. I need your help Lord. Send me help now or I’m going to fall. The voices are too loud. Send me help. I was there. I have always been with you guiding your every step. Sometimes you did not listen but I was still there with you keeping you from the enemy. I hid you when he wanted to take you out. If it was not for me you would be dead and in hell. Fall on your knees and thank me for my mercy. Do not become proud and think you are better than those I send you to serve. You are my humble servant and as long as you remember this I will be with you every step of the way.

Remember the things I have shown you and given you in the past so that when it feels as though my presence has left you, you will have these moments and memories etched into your very being to strengthen you and carry you and to finish the race strong.

Not everyone will understand what I have given you, but I tell you to go. Usher in your presence Lord. Let me bask in this peace and joy and strength. I feel it. I want nothing more than to be in your presence. I don’t ever want to leave this moment but I know it will not last. I can’t wait to be with you forever. Your love is incomprehensible.

I will not do things as I usually have. The people I am sending are not qualified by man’s standards, but that is the very reason I am sending them. So, that they may not boast that it was their own deeds or works that brought them there. I will send those that no one suspects because I have given my word to those in the synagogues but they ignored my words and sought after the praise of man, rather than the word I gave them.

So, I am raising up a generation of people that will not fit the usual mold. They will stretch the boundaries, but I cannot be contained in a box. No one knows my plans but me. And that is why some will question the authority of those I have given to go out and proclaim my name, but these people will seek me unabashedly. They will throw off these cloaks that the elite, who have ignored my presence, will try to place on them.

But I am looking for Davids and Peters. I am looking for the unlikely to go up against the giants because I am bigger and more powerful than any enemy that man sends your way. All this time you felt my presence. You knew in your spirit when there was nothing in your life that should suggest I had this great, magnificent plan for your life. But, you could feel it. Even when the light became dark you held onto this small light of hope that I placed in your inner being.

You knew before I even began showing you things. You remember the day – when there was absolutely no evidence in your life that you were seeking or living for me – that I told you I would do something great with your life.

Fear and doubt will come quickly to try and steal my words. Just like weeds smother out the plants, but I will weed them when it is time. Not a minute sooner because the persecution will make you cling all that more to me. You will seek my presence like never before. Many will not understand this new love you have for me, but remember I am with you. I will never leave you. In your suffering you come to understand my love for you better. You understand what I went through on the cross. To live for Christ is to suffer.

It’s through the suffering that we are purified and made complete. Your words are flowing through me so fast I can hardly get them out fast enough. That is because I have told you the time is now. And everything I’ve been giving you that you could not understand why you were doing it – but you felt compelled to go forward in your search for truth – even when opposition came to discourage you from those you thought should understand you the most.

But forgive them. Do not hold resentment in your heart because any spirit that is not of me will hinder your progress in saving souls. I did not give them this word so how should they understand it? They are not hearing my voice like you have. But I will give you reprove to their doubt because they are still my children.

A prophet is most rejected in his hometown, but don’t worry I will give understanding to those who need it so that they will not falter the plan I have for you. Everything I have been doing has been building you up for this moment so you may have faith and recognize my voice.

Seek me every waking moment. Cover your eyes and ears from the filth and evil that has saturated this generation. Purify yourself and those around you. Anoint your homes, your doorways, your bodies. You cannot stand the evil that is coming your way by yourself. The pull is too strong. By seeking me daily I will hide you from the evil one so that he cannot have access to you.

All the visions you have carried in your heart for so long that you cried in the night and asked me ‘Why have you given me this Lord? If it is not of you take it away. If it’s not of you I don’t want it.’ But my fire in you grew and it has caused you much frustration and at times heartache, but in the midst of this I kept showing you signs that only I could do. Man could not and did not do. Only I.

I will bring other prophets around you so that you will know that I am speaking and not some other voice. Prepare vigilantly. I will open the eyes of those necessary because you will need their help to carry out this task that I am requiring of you. It will entail great sacrifice and you will need their understanding so you may go forward. But do not worry, I have and I am preparing them for this.

So even if your eyes don’t see evidence of this do not let the enemy steal what I have sent. It is precious like a treasure that you never leave out of your sight because it’s so valuable.

Take in what I have given you and cherish it. Hold onto it and never let it go. It is time for me to leave now but I have left my word with you so you may go and share it with those who need to hear it and that their vision may also be confirmed through you.

I will give them confirmation of what I am telling you so don’t worry what they think. Just go. I will take care of the watering and harvesting. You just plant the seed. There isn’t time to worry whether it is taking root. I will do that. You cannot open anyone’s eyes or save their souls – only I, the Holy Spirit, can do that. And because you usher in the Holy Spirit in your home and have sought to make it a place of refuge for my spirit – I am here.

Go now and do what I told you.

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