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In the Midst of the War: A Word of Encouragement From the Lord

As the war is being unleashed on our freedoms here in America, and as instability and chaos erupts not just here nationally, but globally, anyone with eyes can see we are living in troubling times.

Fear, anxiety, anger, bitterness, offense and divisiveness are running rampant; so much so that it can be difficult to even have a conversation with someone of differing views without personal attacks and inflammatory language being shot at one another like an arrow in our hearts.

As the intensity of this battle has increased, the Lord reminded me of a word He gave me years ago, that I felt led to share publicly as a reminder to not be led by pure emotions, but by the leading and guidance of the Holy Spirit.

For the remnant that is remaining faithful, may these words be an encouragement to you to continue to be bold and courageous as we fight for freedom.

Below is the word the Lord gave me back in January 2010:

I’m doing something. Hold on. Don’t let go. Don’t give up. You’re almost there. I’m about to break forth something new. You are so close to walking into your destiny. All the pain and sacrifice is not without purpose. I will reward you for being faithful. Just keep believing and walking in faith.

Even when you can’t see Me moving. Even when it seems as though nothing is changing don’t be fooled by what your eyes can see. They are limited. They cannot see into the spiritual realm, but your spirit can feel it. It senses Me moving and that’s what keeps you going when your flesh wants to die from the pain. When your flesh wants to give up because what it sees in the natural isn’t matching up with the visions I’ve given you; your spirit keeps you strong. Your spirit keeps you moving.

Strengthen your spirit. Feed it. Nourish it. Water it and it will grow. Each time you step out in faith when there is no evidence that what I am telling you is going to happen, you are moving the spiritual realm. Each time you step out in faith like this you are giving power to God’s army to reign.

All those visions are from Me and they will come to pass as long as you’re obedient. When I tell you to move – move. Don’t question me. Don’t ponder it. Do it. Just as a soldier doesn’t question his general’s commands, so you are not to question my commands.

You will go forth in My power. I am going to do a new thing. My army is in training right now. You don’t become a warrior without having first fought and won some battles. And so I am doing with My people. They are being attacked right now because I am teaching them how to war in the spirit. When they win these battles I will send them on to slay the giants.

David didn’t slay Goliath without having first fought some battles of his own. Everyone saw him as only a boy, not a soldier. But he was a soldier, just a different kind of soldier. The reason his countrymen didn’t think he could fight was because they were looking for someone who looked like themselves.

They were looking for someone wearing a soldier’s uniform, but David didn’t fit that mold. That’s why he said, “I can’t fight in this uniform. I’m not used to it.” He didn’t need the soldier’s uniform. All he needed was His God. He killed the lion and the bear first before going up against Goliath. These past victories gave him the confidence to go into this battle.

He knew his God and he knew he had been victorious before, and this is why he was able to not only not fear this enemy, but charge him. David said to Goliath, “I will cut your head off and feed your carcass to the birds and the animals of the field!” And so you will do with the enemies I send you up against. You will charge them. You will cut off their head and trample on them!

Just as David didn’t fit their mold, so too do these people I am sending not fit the mold. But they will go as boldly as David did. They will charge the enemies and slay the giants. Those around them will question them, mock them and scoff at them, but they will not be deterred. Just as David didn’t allow their questioning and lack of confidence in him shake his faith or confidence, so too will these people move forward in spite of the non-believing believers.

They will break down strongholds of Satan’s demonic forces. Just as I am breaking off these chains on you through your obedience, you will go forth and by bringing the truth to the people I send you to, you will break their chains. Chains are falling. Chains are falling.

God gave His power to the disciples and apostles before us to heal and cast out demons and to raise up the dead. If He did it before He’ll do it again. Right now He’s raising up the likes of a generation that no one has seen before. They are going to be radical. They are going to come in His authority and do miracles that even the apostles would find amazing. We are that generation. We are those people that He has called to war in this last battle.

We are in a war, but the reason so many Christians are getting kicked around and defeated is because they don’t realize they’re in a war. God says, “You’ve got to stop trying to fight the enemy in your flesh. Every time you try to fight the enemy on your own you will get knocked down, drug out and defeated.”

When we try and fight the enemy without God we allow our emotions to rule and we will get tossed to and fro like a leaf in a mighty storm. Chaos, fatigue and distraction will run our lives.

Every time you feel attacked by the enemy get on your knees. Turn your face to Me. Cry out My name. Praise Me. Praise Me. Praise Me. Praise Me through the tears. Praise Me through the anger. Praise Me through the pain and even the rage. Keep your face turned towards Me. I have already defeated your enemies. I just need you to praise Me so that I can show you they are defeated. It is your praise and obedience that releases My will upon your life.

This is a spiritual battle. It won’t be fought with money, power and guns. It will be fought with obedience, sacrifice, fasting, prayer and praise. That is how we will overcome and defeat our enemy.

Now go forth in My power. I have given it unto you. Proclaim My name boldly. Go forth and I will give you the victory!

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