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Double for Your Trouble

If you are like me, and many others who have been toiling, building, grinding, praying, fasting, sacrificing and stepping out in faith to believe God for bigger and better things; only to find yourself at the end of your rope feeling depleted, weary, taking blow after blow, loss after loss and battling thoughts that your labor has been in vain, then this is a word for you.

God is about to give you double for your trouble.

I know this has become a cliché saying, but what I am about to share with you is definitely not cliché. It is a direct word from God to His people that have been faithful in hard times, but yet have not seen the fruit of their labor. It is a word for those who have endured years of "unanswered prayers", unfulfilled promises and feel like they are at the end of their rope. Well, get ready because you are about to reap a great blessing.

Several days ago I was on my way to pick up my daughter from volleyball practice when I "just so happened" to click on a YouTube video titled, "God Will Restore Double". The woman started off by saying she had a word from God. She said the morning before she had woke up and at the foot of her bed were two twin baby dolls that her daughter played with. When she saw them something inside of her said this was a sign from God. So, she prayed and asked God to confirm if indeed He was trying to send a message to her.

Later that day she was on Facebook and she saw a post about twin brothers who married another set of twins. At this point God began to speak to her about what the sets of twins were representing. She said He told her that He is about to bring double blessings to His people for everything that has brought loss and pain to their lives. For every closed door, every tear, every betrayal, every rejection, every delay....there would be a double-fold blessing coming to their lives.

He then began to bring Isaiah 61:7 to her mind, "Instead of your shame you will receive a double portion, and instead of disgrace you will rejoice in your inheritance. And so you will inherit a double portion in your land, and everlasting joy will be yours."

She felt very strongly that the Lord wanted her to release this word to His people by doing a video, however, she said the day got away from her and she never got around to doing the video. So the very next morning she woke up and on her Facebook was a message from a friend from high school with the message, "Hey twin, how have you been?"

This was from a friend that she hadn't talked to in years. Back in high school she said they used to call each other "twinnie" because they did everything alike and even looked alike. When she got this post on her page she knew this was God highlighting this message to her people and she needed to share it without anymore delay, as these double-fold blessings were right around the corner.

So, let me tell you how amazing God is and how we can be assured it's Him speaking because He will confirm it over and over again - and indeed He did just that! Now keep in mind I "just so happened" to start listening to this short 5-minute video right as I was about to pick up my daughter from volleyball practice. As my daughter was sitting in the car listening to this video she says, "That's funny, today was twin day at school where you dress up like somebody."

This sign alone was enough to convince me that this message was from God. However, He went above and beyond a mere two or three confirmations. I would soon learn that this was a message that God was shouting to His people, and is the reason I knew, like this woman, that I had to release this word right away.

The next day I was at my daughter's volleyball game and noticed that instead of her usual jersey she wears with the number 9 on it, she had on a jersey with the number 2. Then, instead of playing only the junior varsity game, which she normally does, the coach had her playing 2 sets of games - junior varsity and varsity. Then at one point I looked up at the scoreboard and noticed that the score was 22 to 22 and then to top it off the winning team ended up winning by 2 points, 25 to 23.

So, after the game I called a friend of mine to share with him this message. He says, "Listen to this, I went to this bible study this evening and there was a guy there who had the same name as me and has 6 children just like me." The fact that there was a man there with the same name was unusual enough, but then to also have 6 kids like him was again, proof that God was shouting this message to His people.

But still, God was not done. My friend continued, "Then I felt like God gave me a word of knowledge for a guy named Rodger, so I asked the group if anyone knew a Rodger and guess what this woman says. She says, 'I do. I have a nephew whose name is Rodger. He's a twin.' "

I could not believe all the signs God was giving about this message!

I got off the phone with my friend and went to check something on Facebook. The first thing that popped up was a picture of a set of twins. They were elementary friends of my daughters. Their mother had posted a picture of them saying, "Happy birthday girls. Double the trouble. Double the fun."

I scrolled a little ways down and there was a picture of a woman I know who is one of our State Representatives and she was proudly showing a picture of her pregnant belly with twins.

But, God still wasn't done!

The next morning I was at the gym sharing this double blessing message with a guy when he says, "Well, you know I'm a twin right? And I have twin sisters." Then to top it all off, last night I am getting ready for bed and I go into my son's room and on the TV is a YouTube video he is watching titled, none other than, "Twin vs. Twin: Mibro Prank Competition!"

God is about to bless you for all the tears you have cried, for all the years you felt He hadn't answered your prayers and you felt abandoned by Him, for all the disappointments, the rejection, the closed doors and losses.

Get ready because God is getting ready to give you double for your trouble!

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