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I'm not a priest, but I'm hearing a confession,

I'm left here broken, these tears done filled an ocean,

Got no jacket for the winter, and a moon without a light,

Seen the sun in the morning, but still it ain't bright,

You say I'm called to the masses, but I'm stuck in these classes,

Taking test after test, ten years gone, and I still ain't passing,

Releasing my voice, but it's a scream with no sound,

Planted my seed, but the locusts devoured the ground,

Praying for change and paying with change,

But the only thing changing is these years got me aging,

Was flying a kite, but the wind just died,

But my dreams got me flying, that's why I aim for the sky,

Climbed up to the peak, but the cloud it blocked my sight,

But I'm a boxer like Tyson, so I hold on to my fight,

Been knocking on heaven's door, but these doors still closing,

Used love as my key, but hate stood there frozen,

And rage was right behind it, saying love ain't your potion,

We're all the friends that's left, so we might as well be chosen,

I'd been looking for love, but I could never find it,

So I said I didn't need it, told myself never mind it,

I dismissed it, even convinced myself I didn't miss it,

Let people go, cause they reap what they sew,

But all this reaping what they sew, got me sewing a hole,

So I throw another brick in, so I can keep it full,

And every time that you fail me, I build another wall,

I used to dream of a Knight, and one day he would make it fall,

But the way the story's going, this building keeps growing, it's like Empire tall,

And while these walls keep growing taller, my trust keep falling farther,

Cause one man's right is another man's wrong,

And I can't make you see light, if you want to stay in the dawn,

You were strumming pay the piper, and like a sniper taking aim,

In a maze of catch the prey, you were the hunter and I.....was the game,

In a game of cat and mouse, we just go around and round,

Straight jackets in asylums, I just want to break out,

Now I'm running from the silence, cause these voices get loud,

They sounding like sirens, they want to shout me down,

I'm a lion in a cage, I got to claw my way out,

To kill the monster in the closet, that likes to torture my soul,

Battle weary gun shots, over the years, it's taken its toll,

Cause there's a killer on the loose, it's got love and romance on its noose,

Our pulse says we're alive, but we are the soldiers, who barely survived,

We're a nation of tombs, we are the walking dead inside,

Smile and say we're fine, but knowing that we're lying, we got sadness in our zone,

Cause a mansion ain't a home, when you're living life alone,

All them knives throughout our lives, got us riding solo,

So low, low.....this is how we roll, converstations shallow, make our hearts hallow,

Expecting nothing back, cause when we get attached,

Like a bow and arrow, you pull your love back,

Then rat-a-tat-tat, like an AK47 you shooting to attack,

And I ain't never shot first,

Every shot I got, you shot it in my back,

And for your hate up in my face, you got love back,

But this is how it goes, in the land of the living and the dead,

Body bags with men and our hearts our bleeding red,

Where lust strangles love, and many suspects fit the glove,

Got no jury on the bench, but best believe there's a Judge,

Where every action, word and thought, will be judged by what we're taught,

So no matter what we go through, if it's fraught with strife and pain,

Giving out your love is never in vain, and your heartache, it can bring you gain,

These are my life lessons, I call 'em my confessions,

You could say they're hidden blessings,

Yeah....these are my confessions.....

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