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A Prisoner's View on Women

As a rule of thumb, most of us wouldn't look to men in prison to give us any type of relational advice or views on women. However, I have learned that sometimes hope, help and wisdom come from some of the most unlikely of places, and this was one of those moments when I received a letter from a man in prison. As I read his words and views on women I knew I had to post them, because quite frankly, this man in prison seems to get what so many other men don't. Read and see if you agree.

"We must realize that we are designed to work together. Our strength is in the variance of our strategies. The mistake of the past is man's oppression of women, but the mistake of the future is this spirit whereby the woman imitates the masculine strength and we lose the creative edge of your feminine perspective.

Maybe the challenges of our time have laid rest all hopes of reviving the gentle femininity that once sat on porches and sipped tea in the gentle breezes of softer times. But beneath the straight-lined suits and hard-as-nails exterior, can you hear the cries within the hearts of many women who wish life would afford them, once again, the luxury of being pampered by gentlemen who think them too exquisite to be exposed to rowdy conversations and boisterous communications?

Is the lady not a casualty of war? Is she not the victim of the emasculation of men and the chaos of the times? Is she the sad result of a life filled with too much work and no play? She is the fatality that evolves from too many empty promises. She is on a love deficient diet that has turned into anorexia of the soul. A life of distraught times and adverse conditions has taken away from us the lady whom we all needed.

She is replaced by hard lines and tough will. But late in the night, we all mourn her loss.

Even she mourns the passing of the hope and optimism that once enveloped her like a warm blanket on a cold winter's night. It would not be so terrible if men alone missed her. But I have seen the quick glances of their reflections, and the long looks through the window, and I know what few men realize.

Some women are mourning the loss of the woman she wanted to be. She is strong. She is a survivor, but still somehow beneath the weathered exterior, she is mourning."

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