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Does God Answer Prayer?

So many people are hurting deeply inside. They feel alone with either no one to talk to or no one who cares. They are at a breaking point and feel like they can't go on. They're suffering in silence.

The MIRACLE CITY RUN was started to bring people together. To unite. To bring hope. To let people know someone cares. Someone loves them.

By inviting people to join us in a weekly run throughout the city where we ask God to lead us to people who are in need of hope and prayer, we believe lives will be changed, by simply showing that we care.

By stopping to pray and share small, little acts of kindess to let them know they matter we believe we can change a life at a time.

We believe families will be reconciled and united. Hearts will be healed. Hope will rise. The dead will come alive. Miracles will happen. Prayers will be answered. 

These are the stories of the lives who have been touched by the KING'S MEN & WOMEN.

(Anyone interested in joining, we meet every Saturday morning at 8am at Riverscape: 237 Monument Ave., Dayton OH.)

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Testimonies Coming Soon......

Stories are in the making. Answered prayers are getting ready to fall from heaven.

Have you had an answer to prayer from our MIRACLE CITY RUN, or has your life been touched by one of our KING'S MEN & WOMEN?

If so, email us your story or send us a video of your testimony so we can share it here. Please include your name and contact information.

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