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Front Cover RWT - Julie Nicole  4-26-21.

Running with Tears: Turning Your Pain into Passion

When Julie told God, “Send me to the darkest places that nobody wants to go”, she had no idea that within weeks her whole life would turn upside down.

But before this turning she had an amazing encounter with God, in which He said, “Do you know why you named your son Joseph? Because you are going to know how Joseph felt.” Later that night her middle son, Joseph, asked to read the book, "Joseph", for their bedtime story.

Two days later she experienced the greatest betrayal of her life when she was handcuffed and thrown into a psych ward by health officials after her then husband conspired with family, friends and their pastor to convince them Julie needed to be admitted because she was crazy. Her crime? She claimed she had an encounter with God.

In this psych ward where they refused to let her out she was threatened with electric shock by the doctor and routinely taunted by him saying, “You’re never going to get out of here or see your children again.”


In a moment of fear she thought about telling the doctor none of those claims were true, but she heard God say, “Don’t deny me. Remember how I saved Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego and how I shut the mouths of the lions in the lions’ den. Not a hair on your head will be harmed in this place.”

Julie now tells how God shut the mouths of the lions in her lions' den and lets others know that when we boldly declare his name he is great enough to keep even our clothes from smelling like smoke while in the midst of the fire.

"Sometimes you gotta go to hell and back to get a praise that no man can silence," she says. "And sometimes that means we are running with tears, but we still keep on running!"

“This book provides a truthful and provocative view into how destiny and perseverance triumphs over staggering odds and mind-boggling circumstances. Julie’s honesty provides the opportunity for many to experience the deliverance that comes from not quitting!”   


– Lawrence V. Long III,     President, L.V. Long &     Associates

“God is using you to save us men. So many men at Lebanon (Correctional Institution) had gave up hope. They were lying down waiting to die…One day on the verge of giving up, I went to the chapel and you were there. You gave me hope and inspired me to dream again.”                    


  - Darrin

The Power of Forgiveness

One of the most impactful responses to my book came from a letter  I received from a man in prison who was planning the murder of another inmate who had killed his brother a year earlier and ended up at the same prison as him.


“The only thing left to ponder was when and where, quick or messy?” he said. But after reading a copy of Running with Tears he had a drastic change of heart.


“Reading Julie’s story was inspiring to me. It not only convicted me, but it challenged me to stand for Christ and trust him during the greatest battle I’ve ever had to face in my life…God did help me to come to the point where I could confess to him with an honest heart and clear conscience that I did in fact forgive “Sam” for the role he played in my brother’s death.”


- Joseph


“Julie has a gift of taking her story and planting seeds of hope and positive change in some of our most at-risk individuals in our communities.” 

 – Joe Long, Dayton Public Schools Parent Advocate

“I couldn’t put this book down.”   

- Heidi Bortel, Director of University Development

"Julie's book is a true testimony to having faith and trusting God. She speaks of 'dark places' and how God divinely protected her, gave her strength and helped her maneuver through all the betrayals by the ones she loved. It's a captivating story that holds your attention from start to finish. In one word - it's riveting!"

- Lieutenant Colonel Darryl L. Cole Sr., United States Army, Retired

“This book was an important piece to my own personal recovery and journey.”

– D. Weaver, Recovering Addict

“It is a profound account of the power of forgiveness, the repairing of the soul, and the shoring up of a cracked spiritual foundation.”   

- Carol Hill

“This book is so amazing! It lifts your spirit in knowing that if she can overcome her many obstacles, so can I."

– Berea Thomas, President, Devised With Inspiration

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