When I found myself at the lowest point in my life having been betrayed by those I loved and trusted, left with no job, no money - nothing but my embittered soul, I knew this is not where I wanted my story to end. I knew there would only be two outcomes to my pain. I would either become bitter or better. And so I made the decision that I would fight like hell to become better!

And so I became determined that I would take my pain and turn it into a passion in helping other people find destiny in their places of greatest despair. I started a non-profit called Malachi where our vision is, "Raising Up Leaders of a Nation From Unlikely Places ", with a primary focus on men in prison. 


In working with some of the most unlikely and unqualified "outcasts" of society I learned a great lesson. We're all a lot more alike than we are different. These convicts and I shared something in common. We had a lot of pain.  The saying, "Hurting people hurt people" is true. 

I found that underneath all the violence, the tatted faces and hard exteriors were men that were hurting, searching for purpose and wanted to love and be loved back. And so this is now my mission - to chase after the "unlikely, unqualified outcasts" of society to let them know that beneath their pain is great purpose and passion waiting to be revealed.

So here's to all you "outcasts" - it's time to get up and fight for your destiny!

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To learn more about Malachi see link.